A super structure of 29 storey’s and 90m high in Central London, to date the tallest demolition project carried out in the UK by Keltbray Demolition.

This project was extremely challenging as we were unable to build the scaffolding from the ground due to it being pedestrianised, therefore it was built off a series of beams on the 2nd floor, able to withstand the weight of the whole structure.

The scaffold was erected by only 8 operatives in 12 weeks, with a team left on site to progressively dismantle the structure. The height and shape of the building brought it’s own problems, we worked closely with the scaffold designers to ensure the scaffold was built exactly as per design due to the scaffold being cantilevered at ground level there was no room for error.

This is by far the largest scaffold we have built and the one we are most proud of, well done team!